Media companies have a need for technologies that enable them to do all types of tasks, including:

  • Reduce production costs and time
  • Enhance the quality of the product
  • Deliver content to global audiences on multiple platforms simultaneously.
    The following are six providers who specialize in these technologies and who they can help media organizations accomplish their goals.

1) Datasift: This company provides data management in real-time for digital media content. They can tag, analyze, and classify news stories so publishers can identify trending topics, top story sources and quickly predict what people find most valuable. Datasift is designed to work with traditional desktop publishing, graphics and video editing applications.
2) IBM Watson: IBM’s answer to the Holacracy movement is a “radical redesign” of how to structure an organization using big data, cognitive computing and cloud technologies. Watson’s function is to help employees in an organization understand the best ways to solve problems and continually improve their performance.
3) Viztext: This company helps publishers create sophisticated data visualization apps for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers. They can also create apps that are responsive for both desktops and mobile devices.
4) Zignal Labs: Zignal is a social media monitoring tool that can help publishers find the most influential people in any given field and track what topics, key issues and breaking news are most important to them. This information can help in creating more engaging video content.
5) Orion: This company works with broadcasters, publishers and agencies by providing technology for live and on-demand video production. Orion tools include control rooms for instant replay and archival along with virtual set technologies which allow people to go on the air without having to be present in the studio.
6) Zype: Zype automates the process of transcoding and streaming live events. The company has specific tools that allow broadcasters to do things like:

  • Upload video footage from live events quickly and effortlessly
  • Automate the process of transcoding for use with multiple clients
  • Gain access to a range of hardware options
  • Stream live video footage to mobile devices and access content wherever they are.
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