Author: Ervin Gryglicky

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The potential of blockchain technology in minimizing infant mortality rates

Blockchain technology has been making headlines in recent years, and for good reason. This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including healthcare. One area where blockchain technology could have a significant impact is in minimizing infant mortality rates. Infant mortality is a significant problem worldwide, with millions of infants dying each year […]

Sturgeon County bitcoin miner

A hearing has been adjourned in the case of a fine-paying company linked to a Sturgeon County bitcoin miner. A hearing on potential fines and sanctions against the company has been delayed for more than a year as the company faces a second investigation into the closure of an illegal bitcoin miner. controlled in Sturgeon […]

Supply Chain Management

What is Media Supply Chain Management?

Media supply chain The definition of a media supply chain could be summarized as: The process of creating, managing and delivering different types of digital media (video, pictures, etc.) from the points of origin – the content creator/provider/owned – to a destination, e.g. end-consumer/your clients/etc. The meaning of a media supply chain is to have […]